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    Airstack with Fieldserver Lonworks????

    Need to know if any one has used the Airstack chiller with the provided fieldserver to Lonworks. I would like to know if it went well and if you had any issues? I am using a Jace BTW. I pulled in the points with a soft jace on my first visit and could read some points. ON the next day all the points were -17. Any one had this issue? I know you must set points up as critical, I did not do this yet, as I was just testing the point data to see if I could see it. Also I converted the XIF to the lnml file extension, but where do I need to load this in the Jace once I get it mounted. Any help?

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    I did one at Gunther AFB dont remember any thing major. I did need to call them about the DC powersupply. There was some confusion as to how to power the fieldserver. It went well after that.

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    Well I got it to work, all but one point, The nviON/OFF will not come through. The factory said the csv file was correct and it should but they could not help so I had to hard wire the remote start stop. Other than that it seems to be working. Just in case any one else has an issue check the node address set up in the carel contoller and make sure it matches the field server node address.

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