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    CONVERT or REPLACE an EAC to media ...?

    I have two 90% furnaces to which 2 years ago I added Lennox Healthy Climate EAC-16 filters for each. Needless to say despite the cost after two years of cleaning 4 cells monthly (or not so monthly as it turned out...) I am done and have to make a switch.

    For me a far better solution is going to be a 4-5 inch pleated media filter in the MERV 10-16 range that I only have to change every 6-12 months (no pets, only mild allergies in season, cost of filters not a major issue.)

    So... what do I do? The internal cabinet space (where the cells go) in the EAC's are about 20.5 x 21.25 x 5 and no filter really fits that super tight. The Lennox reps recommend a filter they sell which is 19.5 x 19.5 x 4.25 (likely to leave large gaps right?) and I have seen some White Rogers and Emerson filters that are 20.75 x 21 x 5 that seem just barely too big in height. I would *LOVE* to use the EAC cabinets to save on money but any gaps with the filters will destroy the filter performance right?

    Should I bite the bullet and just pay to have dedicated media cabinets put in and the EAC's removed, or are slight imperfections in fit in the existing EAC cabinets tolerable? I want to correct my poor choice but try to be cost effective in doing so.

    Thoughts... thanks!

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    Be careful of the media filter increased pressure drop.

    A tech/company worth their salt should be able to set you up using the eacs cabinets without gaps around the filters.

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    thanks for the quick reply... pressure drops on some of the MERV 10-11 filters (in the 5 inch thickness) seem comparable in drop compared to the EAC drop, of course all published numbers, not measured on my system.

    when you say a company should be able to set me up using the EAC cabinets, are you talking about custom modifying the cabinet, or simply finding a right size filter? I want to be cost effective but not in anyway hinder performance of the new media filter... if the solution is a "cludge" ie. having always to use tapes and other stuff glued to my filter boxes then perhaps I should price a media box like the Lennox HC10 or Lennox HC16 type stuff...

    Is there a permanent mod that can be made to the EAC cabinets to work with normal sized 20x20x5 filters and have no gaping?

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    Any good HVAC technician should be able to seel those gaps up for you with sheetmetal in order for a standard size filter to fit


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    Quote Originally Posted by golan37 View Post
    Any good HVAC technician should be able to seel those gaps up for you with sheetmetal in order for a standard size filter to fit



    someone should be able to make a channel or plate to let you use a standard size.

    eac was a 20 x 20 model? never saw one of them, down flow furnace?

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