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    Igniter sparks, gas flows, but does not light.


    Newb here looking for clarification. Have an old Lennox G12 furnace with an intermittent pilot and Johnson G60 controller. The igniter causes spark, but the flame does not always light. It only lights occasionally and then more often when warm (after first running in the morning). The furnace tech said he suspected the controller, but couldn't explain why it didn't light even when it was sparking.

    The electrode gap has been checked, the flame shroud cleaned and the pilot orifice is clear. Anything else to check - or is it the ignition controller it?


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    Can't really answer your question unless I am there checking the system myself. I would let the tech do his job and if the part dosn't work then they should take it back and go a different direction.

    Can't go much further than that on this forum.
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    where is the spark sparking when it does not light......

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site.

    Apparently, you called the wrong company, or they sent out the wrong tech.
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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site, you need to call a service company to resolve your issues.

    Or, better yet, send the guy that's working on your furnace here and we will help make him a better technician!
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