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Thread: RX-11 flush

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    RX-11 flush

    Has anyone used this product? I just changed out a condenser and line set and bought the kit to flush the evap coil in the air handler.I didnt get much input from the supply house boys so i went to the website and the directions were basically the same as the cans directions. my problem is I dont think I recovered all the flush.What are the consequences if i didnt .can I leave some in? I dont think so? How do i get the rest out? Will it boil out under vacuum? I cant finish the job til I get this figured out thanks

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    Why would you replace the condenser and lineset yet leave the original coil?

    If you're switching to 410A, the coil and metering device must be changed. Also putting a 13+ SEER condenser on an old evap coil is asking for trouble.
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    For most applications those flushes are not necessary when retrofiting to 410A. I don't think any of the OEMs endorse them. Small amounts of residual MO or AB are not detramental.

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