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    EM Heat Light on York Thermostat

    Hello! I have an electric pump heating system that heats the upstairs of our home. I've always noticed that when the heat kicks on it has always blown out a bit cool for first ten or so minutes but the room is always warm so I never worried about it. Well, turned the heat on earlier this week and noticed yesterday the EM Light is in on - steady glow, no flashing - and a steady flow of cold air has been coming out of the vents. I've been to some sites and have read some conflicting suggestions. Do I need to call a service tech or is this a matter of turning off something? I've turned the the thermostat switch to "off" because I am certainly not getting any heat and can't see running the unit to have my room colder. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated & thank you!!


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    The EM light is telling you that your Air Handler is running the Heat Strips. If your not feeling heat with them running you did the right thing by turning it off, now find a good HVAC company to get you fixed up.

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    Thank you Marlboroman. Does this mean I shouldn't bother shutting the power to the indoor unit off/on, check for tripped breakers, check the outdoor reset button, check for a blocked air filter or coil (we have LOTS of leaves on our property), etc., etc.? Sometimes the internet can provide way too much info - lol - I've read all the above suggestions and then some! Figured this site would provide me with info without having to run all over the house and waste my time. Thanks again!

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    Well, The EM light stands for Emergency Heat. This means the Heat Strips that are installed in the Electric Air Handler. The EM light would only come on and start these strips during defrost cycle of the Heat pump. well, unless you have a EM switch on the stat... If there not working properly then, during defrost you will have A/c blowing in ur home. I don't know your climate, if your in temps that are often below 34 degrees, you will need these strips working.

    Heat Strips are just controlled electrical short, I would recommend having someone with training work on. As for Breaker, you can check it, you can do all the other checking as well. I still say have a Lic. HVAC company look at it.

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    You might want to call a service company, and have them check it.
    You could have one or more heat strips not working properly.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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