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Thread: free coolers

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    free coolers

    I have an idustrial customer that runs chilled water at 60F year round for thier process. A free cooler /drycooler would have a hugh pay back in this example, here our average temp for the year is 45F. Having trouble finding/calculating the pay back to seal the deal with the customer any help would be appriciated.

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    Seems like a cooling tower would be a better deal

    Than a dry cooler.

    What kind of winter time humidity levels do you run in your area? How many days of the eyar can you produce 60 degree water with the tower?

    I like BAC towers and have always found their engineering people helpful. You might want to give them a call.

    The payback would calculated by the time you could supply 60 degree water with the tower instead of running mechanical cooling. Take the total cost to run their present chillers now for a year. Include service and maintenance costs. Subtract away the percentage that would be eliminated by using the tower. Divide the cost of the cooling tower installation by the saving to get the payback time in years.
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    You must be in Northern Ontario to have those kind of ambient temps ?? I think the dry cooler on glycol would be the way to go ,far less maintenance chemicals , water, cleaning etc . No idea about the payback though
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