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    Metasys OWS Trend export NCM

    How do I export trend data from an OWS to view the data in excel or a text file? System running OWS 12.0.

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    Copy and Rename

    Not sure where your system stores the trend files. If you can locate them, copy the files and rename them to a excel extension .xls
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    From the Start menu select "printers and Faxes"
    Select "Add a printer"
    Select "Local" printer
    For the port select: FILE: (print to file)
    For Manufacturer select "Generic" and for printer "Generic / Text Only"
    Give the printer a name
    Make this printer your default printer

    On the OWS run your trend report. When the report is finished select "Item..Print" .
    Because your default printer is the printer you just created, you will be prompted for a file name. Give this name with the complete path and give it the "txt" extension. eg C:\MyReport.txt

    You can open this file in Excel

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    Go to:
    or see attached pdfs

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