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    econo high eff wood stoves

    I have a friend thats installing one of these today on his oil fired boiler .. any one worked on one of these or have any comments ...
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    i think it's called a gasification. kinda getting popular. biasi makes one, i don't know alot about these yet but i hear they are pretty good untill the power goes out.

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    I'm not familiar with this particular piece of equipment, so this reply is based on general theory of how gas burners operate.

    Two broad way to classify gas burners are 1) atmospheric burners and 2) power burners.

    Atomospheric burners are usually bunsen burners, and burn gas without the need for fans an such to operate the burner.

    Power burners use a fan to mix air and gas and this mixture burns at a higher than atmospheric pressure. The burner illustrated is obviously a power burner.

    But power burners aren't any more efficient than bunson burners, which burn gas pretty much completely. The main advantage of power burners is that you can burn a lot more gas in a given space than with an atmospheric burner.

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