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    I recently am looking into getting a rooftop unit for a 1200 sq ft one flat store front in the westside of chicago. It is being used as a youth group with at anytime 20-40 people in it. I had a couple of people come in and recommend me a 3 ton unit but then one came in to tell me a 10 ton unit would be necessary because of the extra heat generated by the people. DOES THAT SOUND RIGHT? Any advice? Thanks for any input you can give me.

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    You need someone to run a commercial load calculation on the building. Some factors are ceiling height, glass, lights, insulation, building material and also number of people account for heat loss and heat gain.

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    No it doesn't sound right

    But I don't have all the information required to say what is right. Did any of the people proposing the equipment do the proper heat load calculations? Taking into consideration what the people will be doing in the building. What else will be in the building. Etc.
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