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    It displays if the aux heat is on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melbb View Post
    I will throw another wrinkle in here.

    I just found out that our electric provider has a rebate program for heat pumps (not dual fuel). It is $300. In addition, I would have to participate in a load management program for 5 years where they have 25% control over the ac and heat strips. This would also allow me to get a 10/month credit on our electric bill for 4-5 months during the winter, and a $4/month credit in the summer. Is this worth considering?
    sounds enticing, i wouldn't do it! you're on progress energy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtech View Post
    sounds enticing, i wouldn't do it! you're on progress energy?
    Yes, progress energy. I decided not to do it. I think it would be better to have a gas option for the downstairs. I might more seriously consider it when we have to replace the upstairs system as I doubt the heat strips would be needed much up there and peak time for the air conditioning is during the day when nobody is up there sleeping.

    Given your response, I am assuming you have some experience with this or know someone who has? I would be curious as to why you think it is a bad idea.

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