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    The Trids Rock !! just me 2 cents

    Give me a few secs and I'll try and post your next step

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vortech View Post
    there is a PC with what pops up is Honeywell WEBS
    here is what I have in my start programs menu :

    Niagara: ADMIN, CONSOLE, WEB SUPERVISOR, admin tool, JAVA desktop environment, JAVA desktop environment (alarm), install naiagarad.exe
    ChrisW, doesn't this sound/look like R2?

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    K, your into the Platform now via Web Pro

    Expand platform and go the station copier.....

    you will see 2 panes, on the left whats on the PC, On the right whats on the Jace, just one station...

    Highlight the one on the right, In the middle select the arrow point towards the left (the PC) follow all defaults except the name.....

    Add underscore today's date ie _10_22_08 to the end of whatever the name is....

    once complete, In Web Pro at the top of the nav file, that's on the left....

    Expand my "my host" expand "Sys home" expand "stations" expand "whatever station you just saved" expand "config.bog" expand "services" double click on "user service" ......

    double click on the "admin" user and edit the password and confirm....

    Right click on the config.bog and select save......

    Close all that up and go back to the Jace's platform and to the station copier....

    copy from left to right, this time, let her reboot and your in

    NEED to read the docs though I gave the file path to as well, but this should give you a start and keep JCI out

    Hugs and Kisses


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    Quote Originally Posted by NINAX View Post
    ChrisW, doesn't this sound/look like R2?
    OMG,,,, he said AX,,, I went with it,,, bahahahaha

    I need sleep..

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    And this is another clue that this is r2:

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortech View Post
    In web Pro I can view a file under "stations" called that shows users and passwords and other config info but P/W are encrypted or in some form of hex???
    ...which explains why the original company has flown the coop...r2 is a pain to add stuff to...

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    NINAX has made a good observation and catch here,,,, Is this AX or an R2 Tridium system???

    My steps are for the AX side, not the R2 side

    Although, they are similar, they are not that similar and if R2 it would best if you get the correct steps for R2, still avoiding JCI

    My apologies if R2, lack of slepts and evidently attention to detail


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    Quote Originally Posted by davem View Post
    ...r2 is a pain to add stuff to...
    Probably much like dealing with Loytec?

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    Can't honestly say - never dealt with Loytec... - I'm such a LON newbie I embarass myself every time I talk about LON on this board...

    ...but have extensive experience with r2 AX is such a breeze compared to r2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vortech View Post
    ...replacing it with an NAE and ADS...
    That's like replacing your Corvette with a Pinto. If its AX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddcfreek View Post
    That's like replacing your Corvette with a Pinto. If its AX.

    maybe for you guys with tridium experance ya... but I am ex jci and could do an NAE in my sleep

    but now that I am on the outside I must find another product anyway so I think tridium school is in my near future.........


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    sooo it looks like R2 ????

    ?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <!-- Tridium XML library module -->

    javaVendor="Sun Microsystems Inc."
    osName="Windows XP"

    database never
    coreui never
    vas never
    webui never
    coreruntime never

    coreRuntime 2.301.511.v1
    coreUi 2.301.511.v1
    lonCcs 2.301.511.v1
    lonPhilips 2.301.511.v1
    lonSontay 2.301.511.v1
    lonToshiba 2.301.511.v1
    lonPm 2.301.511.v1
    manuals 2.301.511.v1
    lonCh 2.301.511.v1
    dde 2.301.511.v1
    andoverAC256 2.301.511.v1
    lonHorton 2.301.511.v1
    webUser 2.301.511.v1
    lonTrend 2.301.511.v1
    lonPmac 2.301.511.v1
    lonReliance 2.301.511.v1
    isp 2.301.511.v1
    lonAlmat 2.301.511.v1
    lonVeris 2.301.511.v1
    lonSysmik 2.301.511.v1
    lonAcromag 2.301.511.v1
    lonCpc 2.301.511.v1
    lonTac 2.301.511.v1
    lonSpega 2.301.511.v1
    lonSenseair 2.301.511.v1
    lonKele 2.301.511.v1
    lonJohnson 2.301.511.v1
    vlon 2.301.511.v1
    lonHoneywellIO 2.301.511.v1
    snmp 2.301.511.v1
    lonKiebackpeter 2.301.511.v1
    lonIndala 2.301.511.v1
    lonSei 2.301.511.v1
    lonEsmi 2.301.511.v1
    novus 2.302.511.v1
    lonSquareD 2.301.511.v1
    lonLexel 2.301.511.v1
    elreha 2.301.511.v1
    lonNr 2.301.511.v1
    lonMitsubishi 2.301.511.v1
    lonAlco 2.301.511.v1
    lonMicrotech 2.301.511.v1
    lonWatanabe 2.301.511.v1
    vserial 2.301.511.v1
    lonContcontrol 2.301.511.v1
    lonOntrol 2.301.511.v1
    multiSite 2.301.511.v1
    lonSmartcontrols 2.301.511.v1
    lonCircon 2.301.511.v1
    lonStaefa 2.301.511.v1
    lonTridonic 2.301.511.v1
    bacxNdio 2.305.511.v1
    lonMsa 2.301.511.v1
    lonMatsu****a 2.301.511.v1
    lonYork 2.301.511.v1
    kitGxGhost 2.301.511.v1
    csd 2.301.511.v1
    lonEbtron 2.301.511.v1
    lonActionInstr 2.301.511.v1
    lonKamstrup 2.301.511.v1
    lonRockwell 2.301.511.v1
    images 2.301.511.v1
    bacnetWS 2.305.511.v1
    lonDanfoss 2.301.511.v1
    lonTokoelectric 2.301.511.v1
    opcClient 2.302.511.v1
    lonAhlstrom 2.301.511.v1
    lonCristal 2.301.511.v1
    lonExhausto 2.301.511.v1
    lonViessman 2.301.511.v1
    lonSiemens 2.301.511.v1
    omron 2.301.511.v1
    lonItgworldwide 2.301.511.v1
    lonCalon 2.301.511.v1
    lonJrs 2.301.511.v1
    programLib 2.301.511.v1
    lonIdec 2.301.511.v1
    ion 2.301.511.beta
    lonActech 2.301.511.v1
    lonDouglas 2.301.511.v1
    lonGraham 2.301.511.v1
    lonSomfy 2.301.511.v1
    lonDaikin 2.301.511.v1
    lonElectronicsysusa 2.301.511.v1
    lonCummins 2.301.511.v1
    lonAcutherm 2.301.511.v1
    lonRegin 2.301.511.v1
    lonTriatek 2.301.511.v1
    trendIQ 2.301.511.v1
    lonAuslon 2.301.511.v1
    lonGentec 2.301.511.v1
    wizard 2.301.511.v1
    lonAtt 2.301.511.v1
    proteusAlarms 2.301.511.v1
    examples 2.301.511.v1
    serialDriver 2.301.511.v1
    lonLonix 2.301.511.v1
    amerAutoPUP 2.301.511.v1
    solidyne 2.301.511.v1
    lonHoneywell 2.302.511.v1
    lonCeag 2.301.511.v1
    lonHelvar 2.301.511.v1
    lonTrane 2.301.511.v1
    alm 2.301.511.v1
    lonHoneywellVacon 2.301.511.v1
    lonWago 2.301.511.v1
    lonAlya 2.301.511.v1
    lonPmluft 2.301.511.v1
    lonMcquay 2.301.511.v1
    lonCetelab 2.301.511.v1
    lonApice 2.301.511.v1
    lonPurechoice 2.301.511.v1
    lonMagnetek 2.301.511.v1
    lonYamatake 2.301.511.v1
    lonElm 2.301.511.v1
    lonCircon2 2.301.511.v1
    lonBelimo 2.301.511.v1
    lonPentacontrol 2.301.511.v1
    lonSauter 2.301.511.v1
    geLighting 2.301.511.v1
    lonHoneywellXl15c 2.301.511.v1
    lonLakewood 2.301.511.v1
    lonTsi 2.301.511.v1
    lonGrundfos 2.301.511.v1
    omronHostLink 2.301.511.v1
    lonOmron 2.301.511.v1
    lonNico 2.301.511.v1
    modbusAsync 2.302.511.v1
    lonRichardszeta 2.301.511.v1
    lonStanilite 2.301.511.v1
    lonControlsolutions 2.301.511.v1
    vas 2.301.511.v1
    lonGe 2.301.511.v1
    eibSerial 2.301.511.v1
    mcquay 2.301.511.v1
    lonLochinvar 2.301.511.v1
    lonAct 2.301.511.v1
    bacnet 2.305.511.v1
    basys 2.301.511.v1
    lib 2.301.511.v1
    lonOnicon 2.301.511.v1
    lonHubbell 2.301.511.v1
    lonDistech 2.301.511.v1
    lonIzumi 2.301.511.v1
    lonHach 2.301.511.v1
    lonMicrotechII 2.301.511.v1
    lonPlexus 2.301.511.v1
    lonWps 2.301.511.v1
    lonSamsung 2.301.511.v1
    lonBircher 2.301.511.v1
    lonNeural 2.301.511.v1
    lonCompwell 2.301.511.v1
    lonElka 2.301.511.v1
    lonVaisalaoy 2.301.511.v1
    lonSiebe 2.301.511.v1
    lonVacon 2.301.511.v1
    lonVacom 2.301.511.v1
    lonCsi 2.301.511.v1
    lonCapelon 2.301.511.v1
    lonTelda 2.301.511.v1
    lonNiobrara 2.301.511.v1
    acInfinity 2.301.511.v1
    opcClientWS 2.301.511.v1
    lonGmc 2.301.511.v1
    lonOnan 2.301.511.v1
    recipients 2.301.511.v1
    lonAbb 2.301.511.v1
    lonworks 2.301.511b.v1
    lonThermokon 2.301.511.v1
    systemMonitor 2.301.511.v1
    lonOsmonics 2.301.511.v1
    lonKongsberg 2.301.511.v1
    lonLeviton 2.301.511.v1
    dataAire 2.301.511.v1
    lonSvea 2.301.511.v1
    lonDynalite 2.301.511.v1
    johnsonDde 2.301.511.v1
    lonProdual 2.301.511.v1
    lonCarrier 2.301.511.v1
    innovatec 2.301.511.v1
    lonDi 2.301.511.v1
    lonAndover 2.301.511.v1
    system600 2.301.511.v1
    modbusTCPWS 2.301.511.v1
    lonOrion 2.301.511.v1
    lonGira 2.301.511.v1
    lonDristeem 2.301.511.v1
    lonBapi 2.301.511.v1
    lonRetech 2.301.511.v1
    lonNodus 2.301.511.v1
    ndio 2.303.511.v1

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    That's R2 V 511

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    Sorry, I was trying to look at how to add a user in R2, but my license has expired and I can't find the file right now. I will let someone else answer so I don't lead you to neverland by trying to remember.

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