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    Quote Originally Posted by twilli3967 View Post
    Luxaire modulating furnace
    Aire Serv of SW Connecticut- Gas heat, dual fuel and central a/c systems installed and serviced

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    I have been a heating contractor for 20 years. Most us in the industry have a choice in what manufacturer we choose to sell. I chose the American Standard line 15 years ago and I have never been disappointed with the results regarding quality, performance and reliability. But the most important part of the equation is the contractor. Now most people choose their heating contractor through their general contractor. In the Northwest that is probably the worst thing you can do because general contractors typically do not know heating and tend to error on price rather than a properly designed installation.

    There is a lot of great equipment out now in our industry some more efficient, some more comfortable and some more dependable. I would tend to stir you towards American Standard/Trane, but Carrier/Bryant, York/Coleman or Rheem/Ruud (grouped because they are the same honestly) have decent equipment as well. I always tell my customer the reason I have chosen American Standard is that I have a track record with them and they are high quality also typically the wholesaler that distributes them are very good at providing customer service. One thing you have to remember if you have a problem with your system the factory is not the one who is going to help you it is going to be the contractor and or the wholesale distributor. So do your homework on both the HVAC contractor and distributors and find out how long they have been in business and carried the different product lines. Also talk to local building inspectors and get some pointers on the better contractors in your area they usually know who are the better ones and do not base your decision on price or you will get what you pay for.

    Good Luck!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by neelsingh View Post
    I am bulding a house and can use any manufacturer - I am trying to get the best product -

    Please advise -

    I have a price on the Rudd system - but I have read they are just alright

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    Quote Originally Posted by canesfanforlife View Post
    I personally like Carrier. They are always on the leading edge of the industry. They also have the only air cleaner that claims to "catch and kill" influenza. But like everyone has stated, the best system, installed wrong is a piece of crap. Call the manufacturer of whatever name brand you are offered and ask who they recommend. They typically recommend good, honest companies that have meet a certain amount of training hours on their products. good luck
    you might need to expand your knowledge on air cleaners a bit trane clean effects check it out at
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    As a Builder and Developer, I just replaced my two, 18 year old Trane's with Rheem/Rudd Mod's. Quality equipment, and ultimate comfort.

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