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Thread: condenser motor

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    condenser motor

    I changed a condenser motor on a 3 1/2 ton 12 seer tempstar about 6 months ago. About 2 months ago got a call. The motor was making a horrible racket. It acted like the bearing was bad so i replaced it. Now i got another call, costumer says doing the same thing. Has anyone ran into this type of problem. I am using the replacement from the same supply house the unit came from. I am not the original installer but this costumer has had numerous problems with this unit but i connot think of anything that could be causing this.

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    Same brand of motor? Same RPM? Same HP? Blade out of balance, or bent? I try to use a factory replacement if at all possible.

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    change the blade if you are eating bearings that fast....

    and make sure the coil is clean.

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