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    moisture drain to pipe even when heater is on?

    I had my Trane installed in August

    just start to have heat on, everything seem to work

    but I notice the drain pipe continue to drain water not sure if that is suppose to happen? I know when A/C is on it pulls moisture... but does this also happen when the heat is on? By the way, it's not raining outside just a little chilly.

    I just happen to look at my sump pump when I notice the drip of water.

    just want to check with you guys before I call for service.
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    90% furnace drops much of the flue gases below the condensing point so puts out as much water as an A/C running so you're seeing normal operation.

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    yep. You got a condensing furnace. So you will have condensate.
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    Wink You Learn something everyday

    It will also depend on ambient temperature outside. The colder it is the more moisture it will produce.
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    thank you for the reply guys. You have saved me a service call!

    I wonder if the little water that drain out is "warm" I guess there is just one way to found out. j/k

    thanks again!

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