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    Garland Griddle Sticking

    I moved in to an older home with a commercial Garland Grill and Griddle in it. It is old but the dual gas oven and stove work great. The griddle however show much char. I purchased the 3M (Scotch Brite) Quick Clean Griddle System which took off much of the char but has left some. More importantly and to my question, the surface grips everything no matter how much oil or conditioning I do. I can not cook eggs or pancakes without them sticking. Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I watch cooks while Im servicing equipment they use a black brick of some sort to scrub griddle... to season griddle warm it up low temp 150 f oil it wipe clean,, let cool then heat too 300 f same process.... then do it at 450 -500 I think that is the proper way to season griddle... most I see arent shiny alot have darkened over time...good luck

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    When you cleaned off the char it opened up the pores and made griddle non-stick. You will have to season the unit with some grease and build back up some carbon. That should take care of your problem.

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    yes the "char" you scrubbed off was the "season" which made it nonstick and taste great. use peanut oil and keep heating it up and cooling it off over and over till it starts to build up. prob took years to get a nice coating on there the first time......
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    put salt and oil on the grill when its hot and wipe it all around the grill. Same way that you can season black iron skillets.

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