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    Ductwork in Attic

    I spent many hours this past weekend reading through your forum and other online guides trying to learn as much as possible about the best way to save energy with my existing system - I read that you guys prefer questions from pro's, so if this is out of place please ignore

    My home was built in 1998 in Atlanta. I have a Trane XB1000 a/c unit with the builder's grade furnace/air handler that is in my attic. Also, all of the ductwork is suspended ~8 feet off of my open attic floor (flexible ductwork) with the air handler on one side of the house. I'd guesstimate that the flex duct main run is ~ 20 or so feet long. I feel like I'm using a lot of energy out of this duct and am trying to determine my options..

    Is it ok to cut this ductwork down and cover it with blown insulation? I would think this may cause condensation problems but I've read where other homeowners have done it.. Or, would I be better off replacing it with something else?

    I'll take some pics tonight and post them up if it will help..

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    I'd be concerned about the condensation issue.

    Flex with an R-8 value is now available,yours is likely R-4 or 6,so that would help.

    It also tends to be hotter that high in an attic,then near the insulation.

    You could wrap the flex with R-11 batts ,that has no vapor barrier.

    Air leaks in the duct joints could be a larger loss,they should be sealed first if you wrap them.

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