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    Interesting idea!

    Are there oil-backup HP available? I live in the Wash DC area, and it likely gets cold enough around here (for a month or so...) that i'd need some backup.

    And.... how much power do these things draw? About the same as the AC units? We can bust up to $300/month in the summer on the AC


    Huh. Obviously, i need to get some solid numbers and do some math.

    thanks for the provocation!

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    You can get a HP installed on your existing furnace, but to get the full efficiencies, you would be best off going with full system replacements. If I went that far, I would switch to propane/HP. But if going to new Oil/HP systems I would look for an Oil furnace with a variable speed drive blower.
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    I work for a local oil company in N.C. we install alot of dual fuel hp/oil furnaces. I have tfound that it SEEMS like customers seem happier with 410 systems. and as far as your cooling bill goes it should drop(depends on factors like insulation) substantially from the 10 SEER tht you probly have now. and the whole dual fuel can be controlled with a t-stat and an outdoor sensor that any reputable HVAC contractor can install. the tstat will turn the hp off in heating when the outdoor temp drops below a certain level so that its not running pointlessly.

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