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    Leaking Compressor

    Mis-directed Phone conversation to Johnson Controls instead of Dr. Johnson (Urologist)


    Yes I need some service please.

    How may we help you?

    My Johnson is leaking.

    Really...and just what is leaking from your Johnson?

    A yellowish oily liquid.

    And just how long has this been going on...

    I don't know...I just noticed it today.

    And just where is your Johnson leaking??

    From a hole on the end of one of the heads..

    What?? Just how many heads does your Johnson Have??

    It only has 2 heads as it is not one of the Bigger Johnsons..

    But only one of them is leaking??

    Yes..that is correct, and it is starting to get messy as it runs down on the body.

    I understand, Just how old is your Johnson?

    It's as old as I am and has been working fine until it started leaking..

    Has your Johnson been taken care of in the past by someone??

    Yes..of course A Carrier guy looked at it today and told
    me he did'nt work on the small stuff and told me to call you.

    A Carrier guy?? Did he inform you what he was carrying?

    He had lots of stuff, not sure what it all was.

    You know that by law, he was supposed to inform you of everything
    he was carrying..

    I don't give a damn what he was carrying!! I just want my Johnson fixed!!

    Well...If you will bring your Johnson to my office, I will check it out for you.

    Bring it in to your office!! Are you nuts!! It's way too damn big for me
    to go bringing it to your damn office!!

    I understood you to say it was not a Big Johnson, but one of
    the smaller ones..

    You sound like that damn Carrier guy....Only wanting to mess with the
    Big Johnsons!!

    I assure you sir I work on all sizes of Johnsons and although I have never
    worked on one with 2 heads, I will even give you free treatment if you only
    allow me to photograph and document you 2-headed Johnon.

    You never serviced one with 2 heads?? The man in the building next door
    has one with 6 heads and he laughs at my Lil' Johnson...

    Sir if you don't get your Johnson serviced soon, the oily discharge will spread
    everywhere and then we will have a real mess..

    Mess!! I have a mess now...Hell...It's dripping on the floor now!!To hell with you...
    I'm gonna call someone that works on these 2-headed Johnsons all the time..
    Ain't "None" of us as smart as "All" of us..

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    I'm going out to the truck and get my 22.
    God Bless our Veterans

    God Bless the USA

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    Rifle or Refrigerant ??????????????????????????????
    The toy chest is officially full ... I got a new toy..... 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and yes it still gives me goosebumps
    You bend em" I"ll mend em" !!!!!!!
    I"m not a service tech.. I"m a thermodynamic transfer analyst & strategic system sustainability specialist
    In the new big shop , greasin', oilin' . tweakin' n shinin' !!

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    thats a good one what about getting someone to suck the charge out of your johnson!

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    Keep it simple to keep it cool!

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