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    Hmm Hunter Gas fireplace (manual) DV

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to still find info manuals (tech) manuals for my Hunter fireplace. I have a direct vent HDS 2000/3000 model direct vent.
    What I really wanted to know is if I could use flex pipe on with unit model since I cannot find the proper venting for it. I want to install it in my basement. I was looking for the manual to see if flex pipe was allowed. Any help would be appreciated.


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    You can only use the venting tested and listed for use with that fireplace. Why don't you have the manual? Was this fireplace given to you? Has it been removed and is now used? Is this fireplace tested and listed by a major test lab in the US?

    There is a little info. online but mainly about shops in the UK that sell this brand. You would be better off getting something you can get parts and tech support on.

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    Thanks for your reply. I saw it for sale on a local buy and sell website. I was thinking of buying it. The person selling it says it needs a vent kit. I spent half the day looking for info on this unit he is selling. It is brand new never installed. He bought it 10 years ago never installed it. He had lost the Manual. It's still in it's original box. It includes everything but the venting.

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    Not sure if I have that manual but that is a fireplace insert and has to be installed in a masonry fireplace with a regulation chimney and 4" liner.

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    This might be what your looking for.
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