Quote of the Day:

For years we have tolerated incompetence, corruption, dishonesty and yes, greed in government while looking the other way. On those rare occasions when politicians have made principled stands, we have rewarded them with a firestorm of political assault, full-throated media ridicule and criticism, and enormous financial pressure from lobbyists pouring money into the pockets of those who purport to represent the people. We have elected a government of the people, in the most literal and disgraceful sense: we have elected, and kept in office, those who share our desire for self-gratification and materialistic acquisition at the expense of character, moral integrity, honesty, and prudence. The cesspool which is our current Congress is what we have reaped by our own actions or perhaps more accurately, by our inaction. We have elected those politicians who are like us in every way and we hate them for it. They are, after all, created in our own image. -

From: The Doctor is In, Surveying the Abyss http://docisinblog.com/

This was not the best quote from the piece, but it was one of the few capable of standing alone. Read the short essay in its entirety. Several times.