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    new to commercial equipment

    i work maintenance in an old building so there is a lot of equipment not used much these days. i was wondering, we have a Governair for one of the newer parts of the building. are these very common? i can get information on it tommorow if that is too general. we seem to have a problem with losing compressors in it and its a pita to change them. they seem to liquid slug a lot. the more experienced guys i work with say the expansion valves on 2 of the compressors are not sized very good and they have a lot of junk in the coils from so many compressor burnouts and from valves breaking etc. is there a good place to get info on these? thanks
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    Try Governairs website( )
    Yes these are common in commercial/industrial applications.
    Well made American units. Of course all HVAC equipment needs to be properly installed and maintained. I have worked on many Governair units and they all seem well put together. (accessable) service panels and typically well controlled. At least the ones I have seen.

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    If you are going through alot of compressors, two big things usually cause this. Crappy power supply (low voltage), and the other, poor replacement / system cleanup procedures.

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    I've had six Governair units running for about 15 years and they have been reall workhorses. I've never had a compressor failure(knock on wood) but the factory auxiliary switches on the contactors are really prone to failure.

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