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    phoenix controls fume hood help?

    I just started a new job and I never worked with phoenix controls before and i got a call for a fume hood in trouble. no one will even give me a wiring diagram. unreal ha?! would any one know were to look besides their site? or a # were i can get a little support without them trying as hard as they can to get one of their guys out here?

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    I work for an ALC/Phoenix dealer..... my expertise is ALC but I know a little about Phoenix. If I don't know maybe I can find answers for you. What Phoenix system do you have analog, Celeris I or Celeris II? I have done some basic things on analog. What area are you in?

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    phoenix controls fume hood help

    You didn't describe the problem, or what flavor controls you are working with, but since this is some sort of lab application I would recommend you guys hire the local rep and stay by his side while they fix the problem.

    Nothing wrong with admitting you are not familiar with a product, and don't want to risk doing damage to a customers control equipment.

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    I would agree with krac on this. It would be pretty damaging to your company's reputation to go in blind and possibly cause more problems. Maybe if you do get a rep from Phoenix down there, you can learn a thing or 2 and your company will have techs with experience for future work.

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    If they asked you what NIST was and you didn't know then they don't want to give you any information...

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