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    lopi spirit dv main burner wont light

    Hi all

    Have read thru many posts and am still stumped as to why gas control valve wont open main burner. First some background - the previous stoves owner had somehow discovered that if he slightly loosened the 4 front screws on the gas control valve that the flame would come up -scary as you could clearly smell propane gas when you got down near it. So I tested mv on the thermopile after pilot ran for 5 mins and tested as bad ( 0 mv). I replaced the gas control valve (as it had been opened and is not field sevicable)and the thermopile. Cleaned both pilot and main burner orifice and main baffles. Second stage regulator at house was recently replaced. Gas pressure coming in tests good. pilot light is strong but mv on new t.p. only comes up to 195 m.v. at peak. I was told by another tech that the min. required is only 135 m.v. (I would have thought that it would be more like 200-300 m.v.) I am stumped and would appreciate any suggestions on where to look next?


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    A new TP should give at least 500mv when the switch is off, 200-250 with it on. The new valve could be defective, there is a way to test the solenoid on the valve using resistance but I can never remember it and have to look it up in my book.

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    Cool What valve?

    Travis usually uses the SIT NOVA 820 valve. It has a little higher resistance than say a Robertshaw 7000 series.

    With the TP leaks off, you only need about 325mv open circuit. Closed circuit btw TH - TP should be at least 145 mv.

    The main operator should have about 1.74-2.74 Ohms btw Th-Tp

    Check the voltage btw Th-Tp/Th burning. If over 100mv, you have a bad switch leg such as high impedance switch or connection.

    Is the FP burning ok with this mv?

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    Didja clean the spider's nest out of the tube behind the burner orifice?

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    If you can't get the milivoltage reading up, checking the valve won't do alot of good. You need 500 mv in the off cycle and it would be nice to have 200-250 mv under load. May be generator position in the pilot flame causing the problem. If the generator is not getting hot enough it will not produce the proper milivoltage. the top 1/4 of the generator should have good contact with the pilot flame.

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