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    Multi Meter Recommendation

    It seems I have either misplaced my multi meter or it grew legs and walked away

    since it was just a pretty basic meter it may be time for an upgrade and I wanted to see what people prefer for controls work. Something with accurate temp reading is a must.


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    The following two meters are the one that I have found to be the best for controls system troubleshooting and testing of the system.

    I have had mine for about 1 year now, they are a little higher priced that some meters, but have had good success.

    If I am just doing simple check out of device I have an inexpensive Greenlee meter.

    I can say that when you do look for a new meter, make sure that it fits your need.


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    Multi meters do not make good thermometers, if you study up of the way they calculate the temperature and their accuracy (there was a good post about this on this forum a year or more ago) you wonder way they even build the feature into any meter.
    You would be better off getting two separate products, I would still choose Fluke for both myself, but there is a thread about Fluke products now being made in China.

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    I'll third the Fluke !!!

    I have had the 189 for sometime now and I love that meter

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    FLUKE. If you need exact readings. Field piece makes a decent quick use meter that you can use on a daily job site take's abuse can stand to be a little wet. Get and keep a good model fluke and you can't go wrong.

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    I've got the Fluke 88 (NIST Certified) VOM.
    And the Fluke 51 Dual Temp (NIST Certified) Digital Temperature Device. I use
    the thermocouples, low mass tip = excellent response.
    Our company has standardized on Fluke for VOM's, Temp sensors, amp probes.
    They work reliably, and when returned for repair, you're likely to get a brand new meter.
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    I love my Fluke 1587. the lo-pass filter work great a VFDs

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    I like my UEI clamp meter. Although I haven't used their new ones.
    I still really like the one I have and plan on buying another like it when it fails. Their new models look even better. The capacitance check went out on me a couple of months ago, but I have another meter I'll do capacitance with. I can do basically everything with that meter plus the built on amp clamp I really like. An accurate temp reading is relatively easy, using the correct sensor and waiting long enough for it to truly read the correct value is another story. The bead probes work pretty good for a quick measurement, but if you are calibrating stats then I like my digital pocket thermometer as I can just lay it right on top of the stat or hook it to the stat and leave it there for awhile, unlike the bead probe when you have to find a location to set your meter and then wrap the probe around/near the stat. That said I find most of my sensors are within 1 degree F so no calibration required. Once in awhile I have ones that are off, but most of the time if they seem off it is because they are getting some kind of other affect. Heat source nearby, j-box not insulated and air blowing past the sensor making it read cooler than it should.
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    I was browsing round the web looking for new kit a while back and found this -

    Looks quite good as a "all in one device", I'd still have my fluke as backup though!


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