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Thread: Budar chiler

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    Budar chiler

    Anybody out there work on a budzar aircooled chiller with a oil cooler atached to the side under cond coil, springing oil leaks on the oil cooler coil???? the braze copper tuber to steel headers and leaking at the braze joing the mod # is AM-040-c151-FCB-SP It has a 40 hp copeland screw its a r-22 machine setpoint is 6*. ohhh btw the mfg of the coil is thermal transfer products model of cooler is Aoc-70-1. I cant beleve a mfg will allow thermistors to be spliced by stripping the wires bending them to make a hook then heat shrinking them talk about POOR contact. WORKMANSHIP VERY POOR

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    ive worked on one a few years back
    this one had calyle 06n screws, the unit looked like a grease ball it had so many leaks. also a lot of electrical problems.
    the company i worked for at the time finally lost the contract

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