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    If you have pans to catch the water and they are over flowing...maybe you should think about installing a Franklin VCMA15UL Little Giant Condensate Removal Pump. Just a thought. Would be kind of a "ghetto" fix. but would work none the less. or maybe check out this website

    This is what my company uses to make sure its taken care of. In a kitchen just like the one u mentioned. huge...

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    Was this ever resolved, I am curious as my thought process is the make-up air is traveling 5 floors to the kitchen. If it's traveling around 1000 or less fpm amd it should be. Make-up air is volume, not necessarily velocity. If it is traveling slow, then it would have lots of time to cool and condensate. I didnt notice it anywhere, but is the MUA duct insulated. If not, it has 5 stories to travel and cool down. Just a thought.

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    Thanks, hoodguy - no, it has not been brought to a complete resolution yet, largely because we have not been able to replicate the conditions in winter and there is some disgreement from the installer about the theory that the make up air humidity is not being adequately addressed. We can't test it (no real summertime type humidity) so we are at a bit of a stalemate, which I expect to continue into spring/summer.

    I appreciate everyone's thoughts and input, though and will post the result if/when we get one.

    Incidentally, yes the MUA duct (all 5 sotries of it) is made of insulated duct. The thought of cooling and condensing over 5 floors of travel is one I will incorporate into our discussion. Thanks!

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