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Thread: Sorry day in KC

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    Sorry day in KC

    Just say on the news that Tony G wants to be traded.

    Good luck to Tony, you are a class act and will be missed!

    Peterson is an idiot
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    OK I give up, who is Tony G. and who is this idiot Peterson?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chillrdude View Post
    OK I give up, who is Tony G. and who is this idiot Peterson?
    See NFL Week Six thread.
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    We'll take him in Denver.....
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    Dont worry about Peterson, he's out of there. I heard the chiefs were bringin the vice prez of the Patriots to be the new GM. As far as Tony I havnt heard anything other then hes goin to the pro bowl again. Good for him hes a great player and a pro though and through. I wish him the best.

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