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    Carrier Flowtronic connection

    Hi Everyone,
    Having a slight problem with the carrier flowtronic program. Can you run the program off a cd rom, or do I need to install or save it onto the computer before using. Tried to connect to chiller, using USB to 9 pin lead, through the carrier converter RS 232 to RS 485, then connection lead into chiller comm1 port. All wiring is as stated, but cannot pick up chiller information. Problem reads; The system cannot open comm1 port requested by the application.
    Does anyone know something about this problem? If so, your input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers CHILL BILL.
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    Sounds like your computer is using comm port 1 already. That`s why when you start that program is try`s to use comm port 1 and basically means it`s busy. And you should be able to run it without saving it.
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