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    Does a new roof change heating requirements?

    I just installed a new fiberglass single roof onto my house which previously used cedar shakes. The only other modification was the installation of 2 bathroom fans. I was wondering if the installation of the new roof increased my heating requirements because I have noticed that the HP/Furnace appears to be on more frequently.

    Indoor temp = 71F
    Outdoor temp = 35F to 45F

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    If its lighter colored it could.
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    The color of the roof for heating doesn't change the required size of the system. When a system is properly sized for heating, sun load doesn't count as the sun isn't out in most places during the coldest part of the day, which is the nighttime. However, the insulation qualities of the old versus new roof could make some difference. But unless you have a combination roof/ceiling, you can always add insulation to the attic to make up the difference there.

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    What kind of ventilation does the new roof have?
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