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    Hmm a coil and new furnace help

    if your putting in a new furnace after 20 years how do you know whether you have to change your a coil with it i have one estimates including it and everyone not just using theold one what does everyone else think? also are there any bad furnace s out there or by and large are they all pretty good! thanks

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    if you have a downflow furnace it's a good idea to go ahead and change it all.
    the only reason you know if you have to change the coil if it starts leaking refrigrant. as far as brands the amana/goodman is a good system yet usally less expensive. Rheem is also a good brand.
    hope this helps u out

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    most furnaces are the same.

    if i had a house with a 20 year old furnace and it croked, I wouldn't hesitate to put a whole new system.

    furnace, coil ,and outdoor unit!!!

    this would save you lots $$$$ in the long run.

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    I wouldn't change coil unless outdoor unit is being changed. The coil needs to be matched to what is outside and by changing now, it won't be. Then when you do buy in the future, you will be limited in what you choose. Also after 2010 you won't be able to get an R22 machine so you would either have to replace your coil again or flush the coil and possibly change the expansion valve, which adds to the price.

    What we do in downflow furnace changes is add an extension to the coil box since most coils these days are taller than old ones. That way the homeowner can choose whatever cooling system they want later.

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