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Thread: RTAA080

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    Be sure to use gauges when trying to troubleshoot these units.
    Calculated pressure values from the panel may make a fool out of you.
    I know they did once with me
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    I believe you have a problem with the female unloader, that is the solenoid on the left hand side looking the compressor from the discharge end, when the chiller runs with low load the compressor unloads fully and that causes the oil to get hot, but the control should energize the female unloader to prevent this from happening, so if you checked the obvious (dirty condenser, low refrigerant charge, out of calibration oil temp sensor, non-condensable) and still can't find the culprit check this.

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    Hey Guys,
    Gottta Trane screw tripping on high oil temp,when you reset the diagnostic code the oil temp runs about 135 degrees and will run all day and seems to trip at night, circuit 2 starts up and runs great till it reaches setpoint then it unloads and as water temp rises the comp. then loads and suction pressure drops and saturation temp also drops and locks compressor out,checked all sensors calibration,removed pill filters,all silenoids are operating properly,installed male unloader piston kit,changed oil filter and liquid line core driers and cant seem to shake this diagnostic....ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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