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    Lightbulb Lifespan of Commercial Equipment in Chesterfield VA

    Would anyone know where to locate Technical Documentation showing the average Life of Commercial Rooftop Units--Heat Pumps and Outside Liquid Chillers.

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    I would think ARI, IHACI, or another trade organization might have something. But this is something not easily defined. As quality of installation, frequency of maintenance, environment, type and amount of usage, system design, will all push the numbers in different directions.

    You can probably get projected estimates from makers sites, and I would have said they'd generally be 10-12 yrs. But some warranties are getting a bit wild, so I'm not saying anything for certain. Like a lot of things, I've seen new ones fail, and ancient ones still running in the worst situations.

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    IIRC Ashrae has them.
    I love my job, but paydays Thursday

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