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    Indepandant Trane Tracker for PHL


    I am looking for a company to work with who can service Trane tracker systems in and around the Philadelphia area. Non of the accounts I have are trane accounts and my tech that was trained just retired. Rather then train a new tech I want to work with some one.

    If interested please contact me at 215-914-0305 ask for Ross
    or e-mail me at: please put this in your profile as the rules told you too when you signed up on this website.
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    Wrong forum----- try "Job Discussions"

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    I'll try to call you tommorrow with a distributor rep in your county who may know a company with your needs. I am in meetings all of the rest of this week, but do get a couple of breaks in the day.
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    is this the olc ccp or the new touch screen ccp

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