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    york ys oil level switch

    Do I have to pull all the refrigerant out of the chiller to change out the oil level sensor, or is there some way to isolate the seperator.

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    yep! the refrigerant has to be pulled out. What happened to the float sensor? I had to replace one about a year ago and found the sensor burnt. couldn't determine what caused it but i did install some 1/10 amp fuses inline and they have never blown.

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    Not sure yet

    Thanks for the info.
    The owners have a lot of redundancy so they didn't get me a PO for four months, to do repairs on an oil supply solinoid (the one after the filters) that was leaking by,. That caused all the oil to drain out and I feel like it has frozen upth float; however, I really don't know yet. I will let you know when I take it out. York should have made the seperator in a way that it could be isolated. I realize that would be hard with the discharge going directly in to it, but they could have figured it out.

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