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    finally, I found out what a "community organizer" does......

    ......they "organize".........the walfare recipeints, the illegal aliens, the convicted felons.......the dead people.........

    ......all those whos vote they can beg, borrow, steal, coerce, manipulate......etc.

    Hmmmm........I see no correlation with being Commander-in-Chief.

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    umm , isnt Al Sharpton a community organizer ? ?

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    I recently heard a direct quote from the guy who recruited Barak Obama as a Community Organizer describing his duties.
    His duties were to; Talk with residents of the community and help them get Elected Officials to repair potholes and get Asbestos removed.

    I also saw a video of a Tennessee Democrat get up in front of Congress and claim that "Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer and Pontis Pilate was a Govenor [Like Sarah Palin].

    Jesus Christ spent his time Raising the dead, making the blind see, making storms cease and walking on water.

    I am sure we will soon see where Barak also did these things as a Community Organizer along with also getting the potholes fixed and the asbestos removed.

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