I Installed a Four zone ductless split approx. 3 months and spent several hours on the phone with

Mitsubishi tech support, and problem still exist. Heres some history on what happened. After the system was installed I had all four evaporators calling for cooling. As the last zone satisfied, the

outdoor condenser fan continued to run. I checked the amp draw to make sure the compressor wasnt running which it was not. I then went inside and turned off one zone at a time, went back

out to the condensing unit and the fan continued to run until all evaporators were turned off. I called Mitsubishi Tech Support and explained the problem to them. After checking several things

for the phone tech he tells me it must be a faulty PC Board. After driving 1 1/2 hours and spending almost $80.00 on a New PC Board I installed it and the problem is still there. The

following day I call Tech Support again and the phone tech tells me it must be the power board because it communicates with the PC Board. I drive 1 1/2 Hours again, spend $50.00 ,I then

install the Power Board and Guess what? The problem still exists. The phone techs then tells me he would like me to go out to the job site were I installed this and check several things for him. I

Finally found the time to go out to the job site and I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours with the phone tech checking several components, Jumping out sensors, putting sensors in ice water,

remove control wires from each unit while powered up. Guess what? The phone tech tells me he still doesnt understand why this is happening but he will send the information to Japan. The next

day he tells me he would like me to change out the condenser fan motor and if that doesnt work then he would like me to change the PC board again. I told him Im pretty discourage and Im sick

of replacing parts. I refused to replace anything else at this point. Im wondering if all of these units are doing this. The four Zone ductless splits are new for mitsubishi. The phone tech told me

he has a three zone at there lab and the condenser fan shuts off when the zones satisfy. He also told me the three zone is the same as the four zone with the exception of an extra terminal strip.

I find that hard to believe. The condensing unit is a MXZ-4A36NA and the Evaporators are three MSZ-A09NA and one MSZ-A15NA. If any one could please shed some light on this problem I would

really appreciate it. Thanks