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    Trane vs American Standard, XL XR

    Folks: Ii've been reading this Forum and have some related questions.

    I want to replace a complete 5T heat pump system with either a Trane XL14i (4TWX4060B) or an A.S. Heritage 14 (4A6H4060). Both are R410. I believe them to be the same unit - true?

    I have asked 3 dealers for bids:

    - A trane dealer told me that his distributor said the XL14i was replaced by the XR14. That sounds untrue since the XR has different specs and looks like a lower end system. (I just got the XL14i data from the Trane site.)

    - An A.S. dealer is trying to sell me a 4A6B3060 plus 4TEC3F60. I can't find what this is at the AS site.

    All are pushing variable speed AH at around $500 extra.

    My main goal is reliability and long manufacturer warranty on all parts. (We currently have 3 builder's special Carrier's which have had short and expensive Evap. coil life.)

    Any advice? Thanks

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    The XL14i is history, the XR14 is mechanically the same, doesn't have the funky top and a little less warranty. The Heritage 14 is mechanically the same as well. Since some matches of the 14i didn't get 14, the 15i seems to be taking over. Also the R410a version of the 15i does a better job of heating and higher HSPF.

    The 2A6B line is the builder line, identical to the Trane XB line. Less warranty, less or no compressor sound deadening (i.e. louder) but less money.

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    i think the xl14i is being phased out. it was mainly an r-22 set up. the xl15i is the 410a system trane is pushing. the best way to find out if the units are comparable is to get the dealers to include the a.r.i. # and you can compare them your self.
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