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    Boiler Installed - Question

    I just had the new Peerless WBV03-wpct oil cast-iron boiler w/Riello F5 and 40 gal. indirect installed (set to 140 w/Honeywell mixer set to 120). Thank you to all those that helped with the planning/decision.

    I have a question concerning the Peerless. Apparently, because the install included an Indirect (and not tankless), the boiler fires as a cold start. The Honeywell 7428L control has an adjustable High Limit (set to 180) with fixed 15* diff. I questioned the installer about cold starting a cast boiler, and he said the WBV03 Peerless is able to without problems, and it will save fuel. I then contacted Peerless tech support, and the tech stated there is no reduced life or added risk of leaks in running this boiler this way. He has run his Peerless this way for many years. Peerless has a full lifetime warranty on their cast sections (not pro-rated), so I would assume he is correct, or why would they risk a bunch of leaking/failing boilers. I just didn't think this would be good for cast boilers.

    My question is, does anyone have negative/positive experience with running Peerless cast boilers as a cold start. I'd love to keep it this way, as it should save fuel and boiler/burner wear over time (stops/starts), but just want to get as many opinions as possible.

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    Installed a lot of them that way.
    No problems.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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