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    What's your opinion of the FEC line?

    any thoughts on the FEC line?
    any issues with reliability?
    wierd stuff?
    any way to speed up the downloading? Real pokey even on my dual core.

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    Love the controllers - unfortunately, another case of being so flexible that it's daunting to dig into custom programming, but I'm trying...
    Nothing to be done about the download speeds, though. CCT is pokey, to be sure. Just try to keep your CCT at the same rev level as the FEC's you're buying. Just as Johnson releases yet another version of SCT software just as you've finally upgraded, so too the FEC controllers are updated with frustrating frequency - it's downgrading a controller to work with your not-so-old version of CCT that will really slow your workday down...

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    I suggested that JCI makes a CCT manager just as they made an SCT manager. I have sites that have FEC's and VMA's but no NAE to go through.

    So instead of uninstalling a CCT Version for one site then putting another version on my computer to do another they can also manager different CCT's as they did SCT.

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