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    29 year old Singer A/C Furnace

    I was reading another thread on older equipment and wanted to post this one.

    My parents just got a complete new system in Baton Rouge, LA; finally replacing their Singer unit that was installed in 1979 (year I was born). This thing lasted a long life and eventually ended up being replaced due to a leaky coil.

    I remember how well this unit cooled our home and it ran great IMO. Not that I was paying heavy attention as I grew up in the house but we never had a problem.

    What is it that made these models far superior than what is offered today? Is the drive to make things more and more efficient the culprit behind now common life span of 10 yrs?

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    No, the tendency of people to want more for less.

    When that Singer was installed, it was a very expensive unit.

    If you allow for inflation. They probably only paid half as much for the new unit in 2008 dollars as copared to 1979 dollars.
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    my outdoor unit is 1989 and indoor 1977 why fix something thats not broken

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