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    Anyone go to GBSC?

    Anyone pay an arm and a leg to go to the GBSC? It looks like there were more vendors than building owners and end-users much for BACnet.

    Something tells me if Echelon threw a party, the attendance would be much greater.

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    I was suppose to go but I had to cancel last minute. Two other guys from ABB attended. It was really good for us, but It was probably not that great of an opportunity for Trane, Tridium and the other control manufactures. It was manly attended by The control industry suppliers employees and not many end users or contractors. We were the only Drive manufacture there. Our guys did have a great hospitality evening with the founder of BACNET and others.

    We will be up at Plug-fest in two weeks. This one should be fun as we have some new products to integrate with.....
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    I guess with a hurricane going near Texas it may have driven off attendees. I'm looking forward to seeing whether the GBSC gets bigger, or if they should just consolidate the effort of it with the yearly AHR show.

    I guess all shows take a few years to pick up some steam. I wonder if AHR ever had a first year with less than 100 attendees...

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