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    Thermostat With Zones... What's Available?

    This isn't so much a HVAC question I suppose. This is probably a tad unusual.

    We live in Florida. The outdoor temps can drop to almost frost. (In fact, we lost our banana tree to frost last year.)

    We have 4 outdoor cages that have reptiles in them. We want to be able to have the temperature monitored at 4 specific "basking spots" that the iguanas, turtles, etc can sit at during the day at about 80 to 90 degrees, but then have the temperature switch to about 50 to 70 degrees at night.

    The area will be heated with ceramic heaters in standard light fixtures, not forced air or anything like that.

    I was looking at Infinity Control:

    What else is there?

    And will this even accomplish my goal?

    I've spent 3 days researching things and don't think anybody's come across this yet.

    I would like a 2 event per day programming (wake up / sleep). And have 4 separate temperatures inputting into the thermostat, with 4 separate outputs (1 for each input). The thermostat needs to trigger a relay that will turn on the ceramic heater until the temperature reaches the set point.

    In the future, I may want a fan to turn on at a high set point (95 or so), but honestly, if I never have this feature, the animals will live. I'm more concerned about the winter temps.

    Sorry if this sounds so DIY. But to be honest, I'm not sure this is HVAC stuff.

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    There are controls out there that will allow you to do this. There are some companies that will sell you open systems with no software license required, and others who require complete licensing, programming etc. You probably need a decent contractor to handle this though. One company i can think of who can do this at a relatively low cost is Innovex technologies. They are a contractor grade control that can handle your requirements rather easily, but require some expertise to setup initially. There are of course many options depending upon budget.....Maybe you could post a location and find someone from here, or get a referrel.

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