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    Quote Originally Posted by cvcsmkr View Post
    We are an air conditioning contractor and a good customer of ours had the evap, lines, & condensing stolen off the walk in.
    I have very little experience with refrigeration.

    -6x8x8 room outside in south florida
    -use for beer and produce
    -looks pretty old
    -new door

    I was looking at the heatcraft quick guide.
    It says for avg use 5417 btuh or 7274 for heavy use.
    Does that sound right for a old cooler in 90-95* ambient temps?

    I would like to stick with R22 since we are familiar with it.
    Tecumseh has a line of r22 med temp outdoor condensing unit that will do from 4880 btuh-8890 @ a 25* evap.
    Would this be a good unit for the application?

    Thanks for your help.
    The best thing you do is to contact the manufacturer , by giving the model no and serial no of the walkin cooler, they will select the right units for this applications with-out modefication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by local 832s View Post
    Thats how they type in India
    he is not from India

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    Beer Cooler

    Never heard what the evap. coil size was. Here is some info from the EDu. forums.
    Pg. 18 is for beer heat loads. Pg. 41 is rapid selection for box size/temp. and load
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