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    Quote Originally Posted by cvcsmkr View Post
    We are an air conditioning contractor and a good customer of ours had the evap, lines, & condensing stolen off the walk in.
    I have very little experience with refrigeration.

    -6x8x8 room outside in south florida
    -use for beer and produce
    -looks pretty old
    -new door

    I was looking at the heatcraft quick guide.
    It says for avg use 5417 btuh or 7274 for heavy use.
    Does that sound right for a old cooler in 90-95* ambient temps?

    I would like to stick with R22 since we are familiar with it.
    Tecumseh has a line of r22 med temp outdoor condensing unit that will do from 4880 btuh-8890 @ a 25* evap.
    Would this be a good unit for the application?

    Thanks for your help.
    The best thing you do is to contact the manufacturer , by giving the model no and serial no of the walkin cooler, they will select the right units for this applications with-out modefication.

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    Thats how they type in India
    he is not from India

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    Beer Cooler

    Never heard what the evap. coil size was. Here is some info from the EDu. forums. http://www.heatcraftrpd.com/resource...H-ENGM0806.pdf
    Pg. 18 is for beer heat loads. Pg. 41 is rapid selection for box size/temp. and load
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