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    Fluctuating Gage Readings

    I've been in the AC business for a short time and have solved most problems I've come across. This one is bugging me, though.

    3.5 ton Rheem Corsaire R-22 (yeah, I know, cheap), condensing unit < 2 years old with a Ruud air handler - fixed orifice. The system worked fine until about a month ago when the temp in the house would no longer go below 76-77'F. The gage readings fluctuate between 230 and 300 high side and 58-67 low side. The readings fluctuate at a regular interval, i.e. high side goes low, then low side goes low, high side goes back up, then low side goes up. This repeats approx. 2-3 per minute. I checked the orifice - no clog. Temp difference across filter dryer is 0'F.

    Any clues?

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    What are the sh and sc readings? Is it a txv or fixed metering device?

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    SH is about 7-9'F. SC seemed to be a bit high at 35'F. However, these numbers fluctuate with the gage readings. Also, air handler is a fixed orifice metering device.........

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    get your post count up and apply for pro status. This forum isn't the place for this but there is a wealth of knowledge to help you on the pro side. You need 15 posts to apply.

    What is the indoor WB and the OD ambient?

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    How old is the Ruud air handler. Is this a 13SEER condenser on a 10 SEER air handler?
    How do you know it worked fine until a month ago? Is it your house.

    Besides checking the piston, and LLFD, what else did you check.

    Who worked on it last month before you?
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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