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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Worthingt View Post
    Well, it is a 201, so depending upon what you have on there, you may her locked up or something?

    Try a hard reboot, pop the cover, left side is the battery, pull that plug, then pull the power,,,,,,,, count to IDK 5 or something, lol, plug the battery back in, then the main power,,,,, being that its a 201 go smoke 5 cigarettes, try again

    I am assuming at this point there is a problem??

    Crap,,,, one more thingy here............

    Since your going in under a browser do this,,,,,,,,

    go to C>documents and settings>whatever user and delete the "Niagara" folder, this is where your web applets are stored, dont worry this will come back once you reconnect, kinda like cookies....

    try this first
    Thanks for the help! I'll try that first thing in the morning. It's always had some problems.

    If anyone has more ideas, I'm all ears!

    Oh, and for what it's worth, our other Honeywell 201 system (it's accessible over the web) works fine on my laptop, as does all our Johnson FX and Metasys sites, and even our Summit (and old Tracer 100 sites..)

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    The web applet is a known bug that pops up, definitely try that deleting that folder first

    I am off to beddy bye now, sorry for the piss poor advise, but its all my brain has left over presently and its valid advise.

    I am working on an Army data center and they have me starting at 4am on Monday and signing off at Sunday evening sometime

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