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    Seal it with caulk, it is the last ditch "oh sh*t" drain for downflow systems to hopefully allow the water to run outside the unit, instead of down into the blower motor and electronics, if the primary and secondary drains fail.

    If it is hissing loud enough to be noticed, I'd be concerned that you have an issue with an overly restrictive filter or return system causing high static pressure on the return side of the blower though...
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    There is a reason for it being there, and it has to do with meeting a requirement by some group, I can't remember which. BUT, Its a manufacturing requirement, not necessary for the proper operation of the unit.

    You can plug it if you want, nothing will happen. But, the fact that its pulling air so hard as to make a noise makes me think you may,, MAY, have a dirty coil as the hole is actually in the negative pressure zone down flow of the coil

    Carrier has the same hole and I new the answer to your question 10 yrs ago, but the details are vague.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your replies.

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