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    Corpus Cristi looking for information

    I am currently a service manager in Dallas TX. I am looking to possibly move down to CC TX and I am hoping some one has some information.

    I am either going to move down and A. open my own shop from scratch, B. find some one to buy out hopefully with 2-10 employees, or C. move down as a service manager.

    As I said I am currently a service manager who can work in the field but prefers to drive a business' growth through educating technicians, developing processes and procedures, coaching and counseling the service department and all of the staff inside of it, as well as facilitate the reporting of efficiency and introduce ways of improving $/hour. I am task driven and organized and run multiple projects at the same time. For instance over the past year when i took over this project of a service department I introduced the following:
    Customer survey that checks the quality of work technicians are doing in our customer's eyes
    Complete revamp of parts ordering and warranty part return procedure
    "No charge ticket" authorization process
    Billable hours vs hours worked process
    5 man service teams with team leads for field supervisors for our staff of 10
    Technical training platform for beginning to advanced technicians
    revamped spiff / commission program
    Revamped on call rotation and weekend rotation

    There are other things I have done but bottom line is I can produce and I want to do it in the town of my choice.

    I have questions for anyone in the south Texas costal area markets whether owners, managers, or technicians. My email is in my profile.

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