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    Phoenix based a/c co.

    If there are any companies looking for good techs this time of yr, i am looking for a home. The co. i was working for let 7 of us go, I have 21 yrs in the field and have several certs including Nate hp cert,drop me an email if interested. thank you.
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    Talking tough market

    Its a dog eat dog market in Phx ACdude, 20 + yrs in the field , whats your gut feeling bout going solo ?
    have you build a one page resume , YESS ok good
    do you have a fax machine... NOPE ,,,, bummer.
    my point do not waste gas visiting shops, save the
    50 cents on the paper, set your fax machine on over drive
    visit ACCA website open the page listing companies and their fax numbers, fire away amigo just fax and keep track
    its called fishing . phoenix is a big pond there's fish out there one big one will bite,,, thats for sure.

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