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    Need help on Outdoor unit

    I bought new house couple of years ago , this week my outdoor unit was making strange noise , then only fan was working, I called local electric company with whom I have service contract , they came in and told me that compressor was shot and they dont cover compressor, and I have to replace whole outside unit

    Condenser unit is carrier BRC 030, I called the carrier dealer they told me this unit was cheaper unit and it has only five years warranty on compressor so mine ran out as it was in sixth year,

    I called the dealer and they told me i need to replace who le system air handler which is in attic and also the line and also outside unit, I need help is there anyway I can just repair the damn compressor and not have spend whole bunch of money on new system.

    any suggestions I would really appreciate nobody told me why the compressor is shot they all are saying it is shot thats all I get.

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    You cannot repair compressor. You can replace the compressor (this would be like replacing an engine in a yugo). A compressor does not just go bad, there is a reason why it broke. Make sure the company that replaces the compressor knows why the old one went and bad and fix that problem too or you will be just be replacing it again in a year or less.

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    Get a new compressor put in. If you don't want to spend the money for a new system.

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