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    Electronic Air Filter??

    Hey everyone....
    Been in the commercial trade for 3 basically very new...but advanced very well so far.
    My question has to do with a my dads friend who asked me to see if I could replace his old electronic air filter with the new style that trane offers. i took a look at it today, and it looks pretty basic, took all the diameters of the old, and was wondering if I should not be messing with this, or if maybe I could learn some stuff on here from you the way....not getting paid for this!

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    Unless smoke removal is important, I would disconnected the power, scrap the cells/prefilters, and put in media filter cartriges.

    Used to have an EAC and never liked it; great for tiny particles, completely useless for keeping the blower and evap coil clean. (Unless the cells are cleaned very frequently)

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    EAC's are ok if you clean them alot the media cartridge is a good replacment but have a cost everytime they need to be changed- some like the merv 16 can get costly. there is a 1" electronic filter that fits the cabinets and is supposed to be real good but i reserve judgement on that one as of yet

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    the trane clean effects is more than a electronic air system.

    yeah it does electronic, and more too

    i would check the SP of the sxisting duct system and the SP drop of any new filtration system you choose and see if his system can handle it

    IMO there is nothing better than the clean effects. have one in my dads home and mine reduced my allergies to nothing
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